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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Celebrate Everything!

I think this is such a cute little owl!
And I love this sentiment. I have been working hard to try and get caught up on all the birthday cards
I've been needing, and that's good, but now I'm in the mood to get on with something else. Maybe that's why this sentiment spoke to me as I was trying to decide on a card this week!
I also have been working on a light box to help with my photos, but I'm not sure it helped a lot (course, maybe I didn't do it right?!). I do have a friend who is a photographer (yes, professional) and I may need to ask him for some help. He'd probably go berserk if he could see the ones I've put online! Maybe I won't show him.
Anyway, this isn't the only cute owl at 2 Cute Rubber Stamps - go check it out and see what I mean! Have a great Saturday and a wonderful weekend!


Sammye Jo said...

Great job Terri!! LOVE the look of this!!

Heidi said...

Terri looks great! I also love the sentiment! :)

Crystal said...

fabulous card and fabulous sentiment! just adore it! so darn cute girl! hugs!