2 Cute Rubber Stamps is Now 2 CUTE INK!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Combining 2 to make 1!

Hope everyone is having a fab Saturday!
If you need a reason to craft, don't forget that we have a challenge going on!
Winner gets a free stamp and EVERYONE gets a FREE digi to use!!!
Can't beat that!!!
Read about our challenge here!
You have until March 10th to enter!!!! (That's Wednesday!!) And yes, you can enter more than once!!!
Don't forget to stop by the store to get your fav 2 Cute Rubber Stamps!
My son wanted a turtle wearing a cowboy hat the other day.
Where in the world am I going to find that????
After stamping and a little cutting, he was happy I could come through.  I used the Cowboy Kid and the Turtle Sundae!
(Now remember this was for a 3 year old so it didn't have to be perfect :)
He loved it and loves having it on "his" desk :)
Have a great day everyone!


Marlene said...

It's adorable!

Yvette said...

Too stinkin cute!!!

Nishant said...

what a great blog
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lundgren79 said...

Cute card!! You are such a good mom!!

Heidi said...

love it! great idea